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Game Thread: Homecoming vs Indiana...and some other stuff happened

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The game against Indiana is almost a side note to the huge announcement that came out of Ann Arbor yesterday.

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Homecoming. A time when one of the cupcake-iest of teams is placed on the schedule in order to guarantee a win for the home crowd. It's usually a display that is over mid-way through the second quarter and allows all present to just sit back and watch the points roll. This year? How sure are you that Michigan is going to walk away with such an easy victory?

Here's what could happen today:

  • Michigan's defense could carry the day and really shake up Zander Diamont, resulting in a resounding win.
  • Indiana's Tevin Coleman could tear apart the Michigan D and just be one more team on a too-long list of frustrating losses, or
  • Michigan could fall apart in all phases of the game and still suffer another embarrassing loss.

You'll notice that two of the three options lead to a loss for Michigan. That's probably just because I've lost faith in what this team can do. Forget the fact that Indiana is only 9-53 against Michigan, with the last win coming in 1987. Since the Wolverines have seemed to hit a new low in the history of the program, nothing would surprise me the rest of the way.

But, you come here for some great articles, whether Michigan is winning or not. And we have those good things ready for you. Kevin Questions Crimson Quarry, Zooby previews the week in college football, Anthony B. has been doing a tremendous job covering all of the recruiting woes, and if you need a change of pace...Zach has a ton of basketball pieces out there. At least there's something positive. Oh, wait, there was something else that had quite the positive tone to it, wasn't there? Yeah! This!!!! GOOD RIDDANCE!

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I won't be able to watch today's game or participate in the thread, so I'll just have to trust that all of you will behave yourselves. I'll stop by late Saturday night and check on how things are going, though. I want to see a lot of comments when I get back, so--comment like this is the most important thread ever, mind the guidelines, and always Go Blue!

Today's tune is a message to Dave Brandon...