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Sunday Morning Brews (11/2/14)

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The Big House found some old glory yesterday.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it was the sun, or the impermeable sense that bright days were on their way. Maybe it was simply Drake Johnson plowing over and darting past Hoosiers for a career day in the Big House, just a quarter-mile away from where he went to high school. But whatever it was, something felt like new in the Big House on Saturday.

It was a very different story for the Hoosiers. Still without a win in the Big House since 1967, and without a win of any kind against the Wolverines since 1987, Kevin Wilson's Hoosiers walked out of town staring at a terrific opportunity wasted. It was the 19th straight win for the Maize and Blue, and despite how weak Michigan was going into this game, it wasn't even close. This has been a difficult season for UM, but 0-4 in the Big Ten is not what the Hoosiers players or fan base wanted.

Next for the Wolverines is Northwestern, a team regrouping from a 48-7 shellacking at the hands of the Iowa Hawkeyes. Pat Fitzgerald will try to gain traction with his running attack next week after getting stuffed by Iowa's front seven, but at least this time he will be at home.

Hitting the Links Is A Pioneer

Michigan vs. Indiana Highlights

The good, the bad, and the ugly! Yes, all three!

ESPN Recap

Michigan has one more game on the docket, and it should be a good one: Maryland on November 22nd. Also, Indiana has not once beaten Michigan by more than 7 points from 1960 onward. But Michigan has done so 29 times and counting.

Brady Hoke Postgame Comments

One thing that's important for the next coach - transparency with the media. I'm not against coaches being surly with reporters, and that even extends to Mark Dantonio levels of surliness (and that's a heavy dose of surliness I'm okay with). But they have to open up more.

MGoBlog Reaction

One of the things Ace talks about is Wilson's temporary benching of Tevin Coleman, something that was in part possible because they had a solid running back behind him (albeit one who was ineffective). The five or so carries' difference would not have made a difference in the game, but the coaching that Wilson did and the message he sent could save a game for the Hoosiers later. What Wilson did yesterday was something I wanted to see from Hoke many games ago.

Nick Baumgardner's Highlights and Lowlights

Nick talks about Michigan's dominant defensive line and who had the most consistent offensive performance.

Week 9 Stock Report

On the flip side, the defensive line is definitely the strongest part of that Indiana defense, and Michigan's offensive linemen fared well enough to further erase the memory of last year's disastrous unit, which Zach Travis has rightly called the worst in Michigan's history.

Also, my trademark stat line looks more balanced, but it also has more total plays than in past weeks; Michigan's offense could move the ball. Quarterbacks: 34 plays, 238 yards, 7.0 per, 2 touchdowns, 1 turnover. Running backs: 30 plays, 166 yards, 5.5 per, 2 touchdowns, 0 turnovers. Healthy.

MLive Writers Discuss String Theory, Tricks to Making Good Green Tea

Nick and Brendan discuss a 'clean' performance, good tackling, and also mention the absence of Willie Henry and Mo Hurst, and another two drops by Funchess.

Game Photos

A Jabrill Peppers sighting! Ouch, that hurt.