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Maryland at Michigan Game Thread: Where are you SVP?

Maryland visits Michigan today. Will there be a boycott by the students? What kind of acrobatics will the athletic department perform in order to keep the attendance streak alive? Will Scott Van Pelt hang out with us?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The final home game of one of the most disastrous seasons in recent memory. This is the game that will hopefully get the Wolverines to a bowl game, and it's Senior Day. This is a group of kids that has played their asses off for us; maybe the execution wasn't always there, but not one person reading this and participating today can question the heart of each one of those seniors. Those kids didn't commit to playing for Michigan to be a part of a terrible team; although they play a part in the results of the season, much of what we have seen was done to them.

Anyway, there is a game and we've covered some things leading up to it.

- Atticus covers How to Watch today, and he gives a couple very good tips for the winter season.

- Kevin spoke to Testudo Times and got Alex's impression on Maryland's first year in the Big Ten.

- We did our Roundtable thing.

- Anthony continues his great work on the recruiting trail and fills us in on a wide receiver prospect making an official visit today.

Things are winding down, we're frustrated, and we would probably be better off if the season just ended today. But, I just can't give up that easily. Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and we're all thankful for something. I'm thankful for all of the usual family stuff, but I'm also thankful for being a part of this community...and for being a fan of the Michigan Wolverines, even during the tough times. All of the guys who work at the site are fantastic, and the communication amongst us has always been pretty positive. I'm also thankful for all of you who read and participate. This site wouldn't be what it is without the entire community. So, thank you.

And because I appreciate all of you stopping by today, I wanted to try something a little special. I invited Scott Van Pelt (a noted Maryland alum) to hang out with us today.

I've yet to hear from him, but this is something I will continue working very hard at doing in the future. Since this is such a fantastic community, it would be great to try and get guest commenters to stop by, even for a few minutes, to hang out with us and give us their thoughts on the Wolverines or the opponent.

So, Mr. Van Pelt, where are you? Give us ten minutes of your time today; you'll love every second of it.

With that, let's get to the game. Comment like this is the most important thread ever, mind the guidelines (especially if SVP shows up), and always Go Blue!

Today's tune is brought to you by Zalem Delarbre and Adele Blanchin...