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Tuesday Morning Brews (11/25/14)

31-23, Michigan (1995)
31-23, Michigan (1995)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Rivalry

I've been saving this link for a long time: a documentary about the game that preceded airplanes, the World Series, the ice cream cone, and sliced bread. (How the ice cream cone wasn't invented 20 minutes after ice cream, no one knows.)

This is an occasionally absorbing, rarely boring documentary. After a quick introduction to the importance of the rivalry, they discuss Fielding Yost (3:30), Ohio State's hatred and the creation of golden pants medals to signify a victory over Michigan (6:00), Fritz Crisler and the winged helmet (6:50), Woody Hayes (10:45), and finally Bo and Michigan's resurgence (16:40). The documentary spends quite a bit of time on Woody, Bo, and the Ten Year War.

There's a mostly forgettable stretch starting at 30:30 about how both sides don't like each other, but John Kerry has a memorable gaffe at 39:00. The film of Woody Hayes against Clemson is at 43:50, and the beginning of Jim Tressel - when the rivalry truly became blood-red - is at 46:50.

Hitting the Links Will Not Go Down Without a Fight

H-Back Problem Solved for Ohio State

Jalin Marshall has turned into a productive H-back since Dontre Wilson went out, and that opens up a world of possibilities for Tom Herman. That's not good.

TtB PostgameAwards

Running Devin Gardner was a step in the right direction, and less of De'Veon Smith also would have helped. With that said, I would have liked to see what De'Veon could have done with a screen pass or two, to give him a chance to slip past the line, catch a pass and navigate a smaller number of linebackers, and bowl over a safety. As it was he was not making a dent against their line.

Big Ten Weekend Rewind

There's a lot of interesting stuff here. Despite a quiet game against Michigan, Northwestern's Anthony Walker has strung a couple of nice games together since then, the latest being a 9-tackle, 2.5-TFL, 1.5-sack, 1-forced fumble game against Purdue. Meanwhile, Jeremy Langford extended his conference 100-yard streak to fifteen games, which hasn't been done in 10 years. Also, Rutgers will need to get more athletic if it wants to compete with teams like Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Sparty. The coaching seems to be a great foundation for them, but recruiting will be a priority. Also, Cameron Johnston has been dangerous for Ohio State opponents, pinning them deep consistently, and he did it again against Indiana.

Breaking Down Illinois' 16-14 Win Against Penn State

This writer for the Herald Review talks about the seniors who made big contributions in their last home game, and says that is the only story that mattered.

Ohio State #7 In AP, Coaches

The big games this weekend are TCU playing Texas, Mississippi State against Ole Miss, Auburn at Alabama and Florida visiting Florida State. If everything goes wrong, Ohio State might be in position to make the playoff, and they'll have another chance to impress in the championship game.

Northwestern Will Rely On Zack Oliver With Siemian Out

Trevor Siemian's finished for his career aftering injuring his ACL against Purdue.

Big Ten Helmet Stickers

One of the more interesting storylines coming out of this weekend was Michigan State playing Tony Lippett at cornerback in addition to wide receiver. To me, this says that after double-digit losses to two very athletic teams in Oregon and Ohio State, the staff felt they needed to upgrade their athleticism to be able to compete. The result is the Big Ten's receiving leader working both sides of the ball.

Ohio State vs. Kirk Herbstreit

An interesting conversation for a while now among Ohio State fans: whether to like, love, or hate Kirk Herbstreit.

What We Learned: Week 13

One of my more vigorous complaints about the Big Ten was the lack of receiving talent, and that is becoming an obsolete argument. Thirteen receivers already have 600 yards, and five of them are freshmen or sophomores. Michigan State and Ohio State's offenses have taken big steps forward from last year because of their receiving corps, and Penn State and Nebraska are stockpiling some major talent there. Northwestern and Minnesota have underrated units. Even Iowa showed some improvement, though with upcoming graduations and the transfer of Derrick Willies, that may be a temporary thing.

Branden Bowen Gives OSU 22 #Elite15 Commits

Completely unrelated: the most lopsided defeat ever handed out in the Game came in 1902, with an 86-0 win for the Wolverines. Michigan's biggest loss to OSU came in 1935, 38-0. That margin of victory would have been matched in 1968 if Woody Hayes' two-point conversion succeeded.

When players commit to one of these schools, they sign up for the greatest and most historic rivalry they can be a part of, except perhaps Yankees-Red Sox. It's a compelling sales pitch, whether the recruit comes from Tennessee, Utah, or Ohio. This is where it's at.

Gary Andersen Is Not Good With Media

He made another little dance with the media this week about Paul Bunyan's Axe.

The Story of The $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy

This is fabulous, and of course Faux Pelini was in on it.

Honoring Kenny Bell

Bell's Husker legacy was cast from his durability - he never got 900 yards in a season, but he played in 50 games, and that is why he stands as Nebraska's all-time leader in multiple reception records. Afro Thunder will be around Nebraska's record books for a long time.