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Ohio State 42 - Michigan 28: Let's not get the band back together

In with a bang, out with a whimper. Michigan once again succumbs to Ohio State in The Game.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Being prepared for the Ohio State game used to be the calling card for Brady Hoke.

Despite not winning since 2011 and if morale victories are your thing, the scores were relatively close. Fast-forward to 2014, that isn't the case anymore. The nightmare of a season that was 2014 has ended and odds are the tenure of Hoke at Michigan has come to an underwhelming close.

That close happened after a 42-28 loss to Ohio State, the 10th time in 11 seasons, and missing out on a bowl bid since Rich Rodriguez's first year at Michigan.

So, if you're thinking about bringing the band back together for another run, let's not. It's time to cut the cord and try again with a new face and new leadership. The phrase "it can't get any worse" could be used, but the 2014 season proved to be just that.

Despite a horrific first quarter interception, senior quarterback shored up his issues and finished with a decent game. Finishing his final game as a Wolverine with 233-yards passing and two touchdowns, but also had a crippling fumble in the fourth quarter that was returned for a touchdown to break the game open at 42-21.

Sophomore running back Drake Johnson, who finished the year strong, contributed 74-yards and the ground and added two touchdowns. Johnson left the game with an apparent knee injury after scoring his second touchdown and did not return.

In a sad turn of events, talented Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett leaft the game with what looked like a severe leg injury, the Wolverines had no answers for the Buckeye offense. Running back Ezekiel Elliott had 121-yards rushing and added two touchdowns, one went for 44-yards on a fourth-and-one in the crucial minutes of the game.

Although the Buckeyes did not manage to surpass the 20-point spread Vegas placed on them, the Wolverines, surprisingly enough, made it a ball game in the first half by taking a 14-7 lead late into the first half. However, in typical Michigan fashion, the defense gave up a late score, a 25-yard Barrett scramble, which would change the landscape of the game.

Barrett opened up the second half with a two-yard score and Michigan could only manage to see the endzone one last time.

Now, with the 2014 season finally over for Michigan, questions still remain regarding the direction of the program. Those plan on being answered in the coming weeks. With that, these coming weeks might be the most important in recent memory for the Michigan football program.