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Brady Hoke publicly talks Dave Brandon resignation, never been concerned for a job 'ever'

Monday was the first time Brady Hoke spoke about his former boss publicly.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

ANN ARBOR -- The questions were going to be asked, it was inevitable.

After deferring all questions until his weekly Monday press conference, Michigan coach Brady Hoke finally made his first public comments since athletic director Dave Brandon, also the man who hired him, resigned on Friday.

Brandon informed Hoke of his decision to resign on Friday morning.

"I have a lot of respect for Dave," Hoke said. "From a reaction standpoint, he did a lot of good things for the university. Now I'm really excited to work with (interim AD) Jim (Hackett)."

Hoke said that he spoke with Hackett "briefly" after Michigan's 34-10 victory over Indiana. When asked if he and Hackett would meet to further discuss the football program, Hoke said that it will happen "sooner than later" and gave no specifics as to when the meeting would take place.

As an assistant under former head coach Lloyd Carr, Hoke met Hackett and told reporters that he has gotten to know him through events during his time as head coach at Michigan.

For now, Hoke wants to keep the team moving forward and focused on Northwestern Saturday.

With new boss, Hoke still not feeling the pressure

With the season coming to a close and Hoke's former boss no longer in charge, the next big question is how closely will the football program be examined at season's end. Regardless of what is to come, Hoke is still not worried about his job status.

As a matter of fact, he never has been.

"I've never been concerned for a job, ever, and I never will be," Hoke said. "If I get concerned about a job then you get distracted from it. I threw brake drums in the assembly line during summer. I was never concerned because I knew I was going to outwork everybody.

"If I get distracted, I'm not being fair to those kids who haven't been distracted. I've never, ever, worried about employment."