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Thursday Morning Brews (11/6/14)

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Ten Sentences About Michigan

This is an idea from And The Valley Shook, which took anything from their star freshman to their next opponent and mused about them poetically. It's a great format, so here's ten sentences about dear old Michigan.


An impressive list: the winningest program in history, kick-started Notre Dame football, 'The team, the team, the team'...

Add it all up, and it's a resume of something deeper than victory.

But what a search for its own identity!

Still looking for that indomitable spirit... that motivation to go out and transform the world.

Can the Wolverines turn it around quickly?

Can they go back to dominating the Buckeyes?

They will be cursed with the pain of modesty until they connect to the pain of training.

And what about the expression, 'Michigan Men,' anyway?

No Michigan Man would call out things like race or gender.

It seems like 'the greatest of all time' is one it still has to earn.

Hitting the Links Is Yelling at the TV

Steve Miller, Anonymous

Noah Spence was one of the more athletic and famous members of the Silver Bullets, but his absence has not cost the Buckeyes very much.

Erik Magnuson Getting Reps at Tight End

Insert predictable comment questioning the staff's ability to develop its players.

How Dave Warner Remade the Spartans Attack

As this states, only TCU-Baylor featured two teams with more explosive offenses than OSU-Michigan State.

Stealing Signals Is Now The Norm

This was an interesting piece from MLive talking about a new trend of college sports.

Updated Big Ten Projections

This was an interesting breakdown, particularly for the Wild West.

Ohio State-Michigan State 2014

ESPN breaks down how this will be a different game than last year.

Braxton Miller and Taiwan Jones Go At It

Good motivation for any linebacker.

Gophers Land 2016 Four-Star Defensive Lineman

Congrats. They've earned getting attention from four-star players.

Playoff Rankings, and Ole Miss

Week to week drama over the playoff rankings is another holdover from the BCS era, but this article makes an important point about Ole Miss' fall to 11th this past week.

Michigan vs. Indiana Awards

Magnus is quite critical of De'Veon, and calls for more playing time from D.J.

Akeem Hunt With Plenty to Prove

The bottom of the Big Ten - teams like Purdue, Illinois, and Northwestern - have grown from last year to this because they've embraced things like speed and offense that their bigger, stronger opponents lack. It's made for a more dynamic football season.


Stat of the week: Jameis Winston is 22-0 as a starting quarterback.