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Game Thread: Please don't be a repeat of 1998...or 2000...or 2013!

Seriously, can Michigan and Northwestern just stop playing?

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

So, Northwestern, eh? Prior to the season, I said that Northwestern's schedule was going to be the make-or-break variety. Well, it seems that they've decided to choose the break option. In recent weeks, Northwestern lost a squeaker to Minnesota and then gave up 86 combined points to Nebraska and Iowa, while scoring only 24 themselves Of their three wins in 2014, only one of them is really solid (Wisconsin), while the Penn State win is just the right letter in the right column. Check out Fouad's Previewin' for a little more information on this year's incarnation of the 'Cats and the day's outlook.

I'm not a huge fan of watching these two teams play. Remember that 1998 mud fight? Whatever that was last year? These games always seems to be ugly and gross--so much so that I usually fall asleep. Before you fall asleep, though, make sure you get a little light reading done with...

- Drew's Film Focus from last week.

- Joshua's look at the candidates for Michigan's next AD.

- Zooby's preview of all of college football this weekend.

Hopefully you've been able to stay awake through the day's early action to come and hang out with us. Hey, even if today's game is a bore-fest, we'll make the thread exciting with some strange comments or a .gif that will speak volumes. No matter what, comment like this is the most important thread ever, mind the guidelines, and always Go Blue!

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