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Guess the score, win something cool!

Guess the score to Saturday's basketball game, and you could receive a very cool prize.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan basketball will face the SMU Mustangs on Saturday, and to make things a little more exciting--let's face it, the basketball team has hit quite a rough patch--we're going to put an offer out there to the fans.

The reader who comes the closest to predicting the score to Saturday's game will receive a Michigan football-themed 2015 calendar! Why is this so cool? Because the calendar comes from Asgard Press. Their calendars are fricking awesome. I've gotten one each of the last three years, and even though I live in Madison, I get some compliments on how neat the calendar looks.

Each month's image is from a vintage gameday program. In addition, each image is perforated and suitable for framing. Trust me, if you're into Michigan football and their history, these calendars are for you.

So if you want one, all you need to do is come the closest to guessing the score of Saturday's game, and one of these calendars is yours. That's it. Just a straight-up score.

If you think you are quite the Heimdall (get it?), just put your prediction in the comment section below. A winner will be picked completely because of how much we like you at random if we have more than one accurate guess. The runner-up will receive a phone call from me...don't be the runner-up.

Good luck and Go Blue!