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Oakland Raider legend Tim Brown on Jim Harbaugh: "I think it's a big, big chance he may go to Michigan"

Oakland Raider legendary wide receiver Tim Brown was doing an interview with a Cleveland-based radio station where he gave his endorsement for Jim Harbaugh to coach Michigan.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

There is one person on the mind of the majority of the Michigan fanbase three days into the coaching search.

That is San Francisco 49er head coach, and former Wolverine quarterback, Jim Harbaugh. With the rumors swirling about his crumbling relationship with the 49ers front office, the question remains: Will he stay in the NFL or go back to the college ranks where some view him as a better fit.

One of the logical NFL destinations for Harbaugh is the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders currently have an interim head coach and will require Harbaugh to travel ever so slightly across the Bay to coach there, that's if the Raiders are willing the pay the price to trade for his contract.

However, a Raider legend went on the radio today and gave his endorsement. The destination may surprise you.

Legendary Raider receiver and current Sirius XM NFL host Tim Brown appeared on Cleveland-based 92.3 The Fan's Bull & Fox show to discuss current events in the NFL and his book The Making of a Man.

Naturally, the topic of whether or not Harbaugh will go to Michigan came up in passing.

"I think it's a big, big chance he may go to Michigan," Brown said on the show. "I think Jim Harbaugh's coaching style really fits the college level better than the pro level. He's a rowdy, rowdy guy and has done a great job in the pros, obviously. To be able to go back to an alma mater like that, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity."

"With everything that's going on in San Francisco right now, it would not shock me at all if Jimmy is back there coaching."

The Harbaugh to Michigan deal is far from a guarantee, but seeing a Raider give him an endorsement elsewhere at the very least stirs the pot.