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The curious case of the Jim Harbaugh betting line had to suspend betting odds regarding where Jim Harbaugh will end up coaching next season due to heavy movement being funneled into a team. That team? Michigan.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, released odds that listed destinations where San Francisco 49er coach Jim Harbaugh would likely end up coaching next season.

When the lines were opened, Michigan had 9/1 odds and some other NFL teams were listed as well. Decent odds to some in Vegas circles, but it's clear those odds could be better.

On Saturday, it appeared the betting line was suspended because too much money was being funneled into a specific team.

That team? Michigan.

R.J. Bell is a Vegas betting expert and ESPN radio host who was following the situation closely on Saturday.

Is this a sucker bet to help Vegas make money or is something even bigger behind it? Originally moving from 9-1, then suddenly moving from 8-1 to 2-1 in a matter of hours is a big deal, regardless if people are making the right bet or not. Massive amounts of money would have to be moved, alongside confident people cutting the checks.

While the chances regarding whether Harbaugh could end up at Michigan are still fuzzy, a source told Maize n Brew that it could very well be a big deal for Michigan.

"The vegas thing is the biggest deal of anything I've read so far," said the source. "It's like there is a hot reliable scoop that someone is shaving points. That's how much the line shifted."

Jeff Moss from the, reached out to for comment regarding the situation and was given more of the same.

Hi there....our limits for this market were $2k max win per bet. Its a volatile high risk market where the public may know more than us. It was a novelty bet so none of the bets were there sizable, it was the amount of bets that got our attention as it didn't matter how low we went, they just kept coming in...

We've been researching it more and more we can't explain the action other then(sic) someone might know more about his coaching situation than us. We might consider opening it up again, but at this point it's off the board.

Whether this means that someone out there knows Harbaugh's intentions or people are planning on losing money, the Harbaugh to Michigan rumors don't seem to be dying down any time soon.