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Michigan coaching search: U-M reaches out to Jay Gruden's representatives, according to RealGM report

According to a report from RealGM's Jeff Risdon, Michigan has reportedly reached out to current Washington Redskin coach Jay Gruden.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The rumors of potential replacements for Brady Hoke keep swirling.

It's clear that the University of Michigan is looking at current NFL head coach Jim Harbaugh, a former player under Bo Schembechler, to be the savior of the program. However, it appears that U-M could also be looking at another currently employed NFL coach as well.

According to RealGM's Jeff Risdon, U-M has apparently reached out to the representatives of Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden.

"One source I trust tipped me off to a potential landing spot for Gruden: The University of Michigan," reported Risdon in his weekly $.10 column. "This source, who is intimately familiar with the Wolverines' rapidly emerging coaching search, informed me on Thursday that initial contact has been made between the parties and that Gruden's representation was enthusiastically open to the potential."

It appears that interim athletic director Jim Hackett is prepared to swing for the fences in his pursuit of Harbaugh, with the chances he heads back to Ann Arbor growing slim, it would make sense for U-M to look for back-up options.

Is a Gruden in Ann Arbor likely? Risdon says it's hard to tell.

"I can't put a figure on the likelihood of Gruden fleeing to Ann Arbor," he wrote. "Another UM source I trust refused to confirm anything I asked, but it's an interesting leverage point nonetheless."

Interesting leverage point or not, the on-field product the Redskins have been displaying won't exactly translate to U-M fan excitement if Gruden is the choice.