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Hoops Thread: Eastern Michigan at Michigan

The Wolverines look to bounce back from a stunning loss to the NJIT Highlanders on Saturday.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The general consensus leading into Saturday was that Michigan would be able to handle NJIT without any problems, far surpassing the 20 points or so by which UM was favored. Things didn't go quite as planned, and the general consensus now is that our butts hurt after that. If you'd like to relive it, please check out Drew's Five Takeaways.

If you want to move on from last week, please read Fouad's preview and Zach's Q&A with Hustle Belt.

Hopefully the crew can get their heads, and their shots, back into this game, because there's another big contest on Saturday in Tucson. A strong performance tonight may get the crew back on track and generate some confidence going into Saturday.

Finally, although this is a basketball thread, I'd really like to put in a plug for our Mount Rushmore of Michigan series. I think I can speak for everyone involved that it has been a great deal of fun looking back at some men who helped define the program. If you haven't read any of the pieces yet, get on it! Everyone has done a very good job, so I'd also like to give a shoutout to the rest of the staff and the hard work that went into this series. Stay tuned for more pieces the rest of this week.

Okay, let's get back to the basketball. I don't want to fall into another trap and say tonight should be easy, but...tonight should be pretty easy.

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