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A Farewell to Maize N Brew

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Damn, man. Damn. Nearly two years ago, sitting in the middle of a worn house on Mary Street in Ann Arbor, I opened up my MacBook and thought I was ballsy because I had the nerve to email Maize N Brew's DGDestroys about what it takes to get into the blogging business. He was his normal humble and helpful self, giving me plenty of advice and going on his merry way. I thought nothing of it and assumed that he didn't either.

Days or weeks or sometime not long after, I got an email from one Zach Travis. Who the hell is Zach Travis, I thought to myself. After reading the email, I realized that he was the guy inside the Michigan blogging machine who was willing to give me a shot at writing for him. Freaking awesome.

Freaking awesome doesn't even do justice to the amount of joy I felt when Zach informed me that I would be joining the MnB team. I was in the middle of one of my many miserably dense semesters as a financial math major at the University of Michigan, so a chance to step into the realm of Michigan football for fun was exactly what I needed. Hundreds of miles away on the east coast of the country, Zach Travis gave me an opportunity that would lead to Michigan football press passes, an appearance on ESPNU and a free copy of NCAA 2014 in the mail; that last part's big, people. I can't thank DG and Zach enough for reaching out to me with an offer that would lead to some of the most memorable experiences of my life. I also thank Zach for being such a level-headed managing editor–I don't think I would have made it through the Da'Shawn Hand apocalypse if I was dealing with the vast majority of editors out there today. And yes, you can still #BlameMammel years from now when Michigan is one sack away from winning a national championship.

Despite having such a fulfilling experience here at SB Nation, I've felt it has been my time to step down and let others run the recruiting section for quite some time now. I'm a twenty-two-year-old double major in economics and finance who knows my window of opportunity in my field of choice is quickly closing; maybe all my studying of the financial crises and unemployment rates is going to my head, or maybe I'm finally feeling motivated. Whatever it is, it's time for me to narrow my focus, and a narrowing of ones focus often ends with that individual cutting things they'd rather not let go. Maize N Brew is certainly one of those things.

Doing my best to keep from pulling a Jay Leno and crying all over this article, let me go ahead and thank a lot of people. First of all, the people who read this site are fantastic and I hope they return and support Eric and the recruiting authors we're planning to bring on in the very near future. Read Eric's stuff, because you're going to be reading him on ESPN or Fox Sports or some other massive sports outlet where future Tom Vanhaarens write. Second, I have to say how much I appreciate the help that I received from authors like Steve Lorenz at 247 Sports and Bud Elliot over at Tomahawk Nation, who both know so much more than I do about this business and will surely continue their success because of it. Finally, I would be remiss not to thank everyone on the Maize N Brew staff who I've worked with during my time with the site. I'm pissed that I had to miss the Ohio State tailgate this year because of an exploded brake line that sent me flying underneath a red light, but such is life.

So with that I give a farewell to Maize N Brew and leave you with the most tacky embedding of a Queen song you will ever have the privilege of witnessing.