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Friday Michigan Football Recruiting Roundup Gets Familiar With Nussmeier

The FRR updates you on the very latest regarding Michigan football recruiting. Who did Michigan offer in the 2015 class and are they interested? Which 2015 RB is offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier making an impression with? That and more.

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Michigan Offers Four

Michigan has been busy Wednesday and Thursday sending out some scholarship offers in the 2015 class. Four-star wide receiver Tyron Johnson and defensive backs Garrett Taylor (four-star), Stephen Griffin (three-star) and Marcus Lewis (four-star) have all reported offers from the Wolverines. 247Sports' Steve Lorenz spoke with Taylor Wednesday night (free.) An offer from Michigan was something that he has wanted for quite some time now.

"Michigan is one of those offers that I have had my eye on for a long time," Taylor said. "They are one of the only schools out there that combines elite academics and athletics. Coach Manning had told me in the past that they were going to have a really small 2015 class and that each offer was meaningful. I'm just excited that I finally have gotten one from Michigan."

According to Lorenz, Griffin might be a tough pull ($) due to being a Clemson legacy. However, Michigan is a school of definite interest to him.

Scout's Sam Webb confirmed the Lewis offer Thursday afternoon on Twitter.

Nussmeier Making Impression With Weber

247Sports' Steve Wiltfong caught up with ($) 2015 four-star running back Mike Weber Wednesday afternoon to discuss his newfound relationship with offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier. Ever since Nussmeier was hired, he has made Weber a priority for the 2015 class. This extra effort might have redeemed Michigan on Weber's top schools. Tweeting in November that he was ready to commit, consensus says that Michigan State was the frontrunner. However, that may not be the case any longer. Not if Nussmeier has anything to say about that.

"When Coach Nuss sat me down and talked football with me, he showed me the new offense and how I would fit in it really well.

"He said I was the perfect fit for the offense. By my running style, and I have an advantage because I already run the (same) offense."

It seems Weber and Nussmeier are on the same page. Which will help Michigan's chances of landing him much greater.

"While Weber said all schools are still running even, he could soon publicly narrow his list of offers according to Technicians assistant coach Jermain Crowell. Besides the in-state powers, Weber has offers from Ohio State, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Illinois, N.C. State, Nebraska and Syracuse.

Invited to play in the 2015 U.S. Army All-American Bowl, Weber added that he'll visit Tennessee the last weekend of this month."

General Odds and Ends

2015 four-star defensive end and Michigan target Keisean Lucier-South has accepted an invitation to US Army All-American Bowl. Lucier-South is rumored to be very interested and Michigan and could potentially be a member of the 2015 class. SB Nation's Bud Elliot has a great breakdown of Lucier-South's game with Darrell Warren, West Coast Recruiting Analyst.

"Lucier-South probably carries the most overall upside as a pass-rusher. Off the edge, Lucier-South is a nice blend of length, agility, and closing speed. He carries a good first step and comes off the ball with full extension of his arms, using his length to keep offensive linemen away from his frame. Like a boxer uses his jab, he utilizes his arm length to control the distance between himself and offensive lineman."

Former Maize n Brew recruiting writer Eric Rutter has moved on to Scout. He recently caught up ($) with 2015 RB Ronald Jones about his Michigan offer and their proximity to his home in Texas.

In the very early 2015 recruiting rankings, Michigan currently is in third place in the conference. Nebraska is leading the conference with four four-star commits. This list will fluctuate throughout the season, but it gives an interesting look as to where Michigan stacks up against the rest of the conference recruiting wise.