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Game Thread: Blue or Green, No Between

We're coming down the home stretch, and this game will pretty much decide the regular season champion.

Leon Halip

Welcome to the Michigan State at Michigan game thread, everyone!

No hubris today, folks; this is going to be a killer game. We as Michigan fans would like to have something positive happen this weekend. With the hockey team splitting with Penn State, Johns Hopkins defeating the lacrosse team in Baltimore, and the women's lacrosse team losing their inaugural game to Villanova, a win in basketball today would ease the pain of the weekend's sports hernia we suffered.

Would you like to read a preview of today's game? Of course you would. It's so nice of Zach to provide one for you. Oh, and here's one more reason to watch game today...

Okay, folks, this one is pretty much for all the...something. Sit back, comment like this is the most important thread ever, mind the guidelines, and Go Blue!

Today's tune is brought to you by The Smithereens...