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Michigan Signing Day 2014: Brady Pallante Inked & Faxed

Michigan secured an under-the-radar defensive tackle when Florida native Brady Pallante sent his LOI in.

Brady Pallante could compare to former Wolverine DT Mike Martin (#68).
Brady Pallante could compare to former Wolverine DT Mike Martin (#68).
Gregory Shamus

Recruitment In Summary

Pallante gets the award for least exciting recruitment in the relatively small class of 2014. Michigan gave the unsung three-star prospect a greyshirt offer–that is, the opportunity to play football after sitting out and paying for school for one year–and an offer from Appalachian State followed not long after. A few short weeks later, Michigan informed him that he would get a full ride from day one and that was all she wrote.

Ratings and Attributes

Star Rating: Pallante is a three-star prospect, and a low one at that. He might not being playing in college football's highest division if it weren't for Michigan, so he naturally hasn't been scouted.

Strengths: Pallante was offered because he's a poor man's Mike Martin; technique and motor won't ever be an issue with this kid. He plays with fantastic pad level, uses his hands well and is rarely, if ever, caught out of position; he has run-stopper written all over him. His compact build allows him to get underneath the shoulder pads of interior offensive lineman, and the lower man always wins (my varsity football coach smiles on somewhere in the depths of Saginaw). He is also surprisingly explosive for such an underrated defensive tackle, making diving plays in space that many highly-rated defenders simply can't.

Weaknesses: Size and ceiling are two majors issues here. Pallante might be 6'1"–I would be surprised if he checked in over six feet tall. He is going to struggle against long offensive lineman who can deal with compact players. He also has a B- ceiling that won't ever be breached unless he suddenly grows two inches.

Future Impact

Years Until He Sees the Field: 1-3

I hate to admit it, but I never really sat down and watched his tape closely until I wrote this article. After examining a few minutes of his highlights, it became clear to me that Michigan is getting a freaking steal. No, Pallante isn't ever going to become a mid-round NFL pick who goes on to terrorize professional backs, but he is going to take in coaching like a sponge and plug the run for Michigan on a consistent basis. I think he redshirts and becomes everyone's favorite technician not long after, forcing his way into the rotation by his third year on campus, if not sooner.