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Michigan Signing Day 2014: Maurice Ways Inked & Faxed

The Wolverines secured a great all-around talent at wide receiver when Maurice Ways signed and faxed his LOI.

Gregory Shamus

Recruitment In Summary

Ways' recruitment went as planned. He was very open about his affinity for Michigan early on, admitting that an offer from the Wolverines would be a dream come true. Kansas, Iowa and Rutgers all gave Ways something to think about, but Michigan eventually offered and ended his recruitment not long after. He has been strong to Michigan and recruiting for them ever since.

Ratings and Attributes

Star Rating: Ways is a high three-star recruit and is also my pick for this class' HE'S SO UNDERRATED award.

Strengths: This has the vast majority of attributes one looks for when scouring the nation for a receiver. At 6'4", 205 pounds, he passes the eye test and won't have any trouble adjusting to the size and strength of much better defensive backs. He has respectable to good long speed and BCS explosion, and his hands are ever-improving. He's also newer to the game of football than most receivers in his class, making him malleable and therefore valuable. He's also takes great pride in his ability to block.

Weaknesses: Ways doesn't have truly elite burst, although he isn't very far away. His ball skills, improving or not, could still be more consistent. I'm seriously having trouble finding many weaknesses here; he's under-freakin-rated.

Future Impact

Years Until He Sees the Field: 0-2

Every last one of Michigan's receivers are going to have an opportunity to find playing time with Doug Nussmeier coming into town, and I think Ways has a decisive advantage over some of the receivers in the class of 2013 simply because he's a much better run blocker than all of them were at the same stage. He's similar to Jehu Chesson in that he's raw and needs a season or two to round out his ball skills and feel for the position, but don't expect him to stand on the sidelines past his sophomore year. I'm sticking to my guns on this one.