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Game Thread: Michigan looks to burst Minnesota's bubble

Michigan will go for three consecutive wins when they face the Gophers today.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Minnesota at Michigan game thread!

Minnesota is a team that was showing signs of life for a while; they beat Wisconsin and Ohio State at The Barn, but lost to Northwestern, Purdue, AND Illinois and haven't won back to back games since early January against Penn State and Purdue. Here's a preview-y preview by Zach.

Minnesota is a better team than Purdue, and look at what the Boilers were able to do in the last game; can the Gophers pull off some heroics? I doubt it, but we should be prepared for anything in these last few weeks.

Sit back, comment like this is the most important thread ever--I wanted to hit 300 comments last week, but we got just over 100; I know we can do better--mind the guidelines, and Go Blue!

In honor of the Oscars on Sunday, which I'll be recording because I'm a film nerd, I'm going in a different direction with today's video. Although he received an honorary Oscar, but never won an Oscar for which he was nominated, here is the late Peter O'Toole anyway...