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B1G Tourney Day 2 Thread: U-M vs Illinois & More

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After taking their first outright conference championship since 1986, Michigan is back in action against the Fighting Illini today.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Let's make a full day of this okay? Okay. I mean, you did call in sick or something, right? If you couldn't get the day off, perhaps you can figure out a way to get to a sports bar for a "working lunch" today. Propose a team-building exercise to your boss and conduct it at a local pub. Figure it out, man!

Yesterday's events saw Purdue go all Purdue in the last few seconds and lose to Ohio State, and Minnesota beat Penn State. Of course, the important game of the day was Illinois and Indiana. I don't think there's a Michigan fan out there who was hoping that the Hoosiers would win that one. Here's what things look like today...

I was hoping to get some Illinois fans to stop by for a while today, but after reading about how much Mark Primiano hates the state of Michigan I just don't think it's going to happen. I identify with his statement, "Hatred and spite are every fiber of my being. I derive my power and immortality from them." I feel the same way about three states that won't be named; hypothetically, though, they could be called "Iowa", "Nebraska", and "Tennessee". Hypothetically. Ohio would be thrown in there, but at least they have Great Lakes Brewing, Co.

So stick around after the game and read the recap, come back for the evening games, and don't forget that Michigan is also playing hockey against #1 Minnesota at 6:30 ET on ESPNews if you want to talk about that. I'll be your host all day. I'll have some good beer in the fridge, too, and I'm really good about sharing.

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