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Michigan Is A Two Seed In The Midwest Region

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The Wolverines are headed to Milwaukee for the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

Andy Lyons

Michigan wasn't able to hang on to the number one seed after a loss to Michigan State in the Big Ten Tournament, but Michigan will be close to home for its matchup against Wofford in the 2-seed/15-seed game on Thursday.

If Michigan wins its first game, it will face the winner of Texas-Arizona State for a Sweet Sixteen trip.

The other high seeds in the Midwest Region are one-seed Witchita State, three-seed Duke, and four-seed Louisville.

Michigan's first round opponent, Wofford, got in after winning the conference tournament.  Overall Wofford is 20-12 on the season and is ranked 184th in Kenpom's rankings.  Also, the Terriers have not won a single game against a team ranked better than 200 in Kenpom's rankings.