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NCAA Tournament 2014: Michigan vs Wofford Game Thread & More

Michigan is in Milwaukee tonight, but come and talk with MnB will be here all day to satisfy your thread-related needs.

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Welcome to the first, and hopefully not the last, NCAA Tournament thread!

It's all come down to this moment, people. Raise your hand if you remember those years of going out in the first round. Yeah, that sucked. But those are distant memories, now.

So, who are these Wofford Terriers? Well, there was a very good Fanpost that came out explaining just who they are, if you're interested (and I know you are). Don't forget to read Fouad's preview, and Zach's look at Michigan's path to the Final Four.

There are plenty of other games going on today, so here's a quick look at a few key match-ups to keep your eyes on...

Milwaukee: 2 Wisconsin vs 15 American @ 12:40 ET; 7 Oregon vs 10 BYU @ 3:10 ET.

Buffalo: 6 Ohio State vs 11 Dayton @ 12:14 ET; 5 Cincinnati vs 12 Harvard @ 2:10 ET.

For other game times/channels, check out Kevin's viewing guide to the Big Dance.

There are, of course, other games being played today, but these stick out for a few reasons. Mostly because 7/10 and 5/12 match-ups always turn out to be pretty good, and because I've heard a lot of people warning of the possibility that Dayton could steal one against the Buckeyes. Wisconsin isn't necessarily an interesting match-up, but I chose it because it's practically a home game for the Badgers.

I will unfortunately be at work during the Michigan game tonight, so I can't watch with you, but I'll be around here and there keeping an eye on you throughout the day. If I need to leave for anything, I'll make sure that there is food and water in the bowls on the floor for you. Please don't eat my shoes or shit on the rug.

Comment like this is the most important thread ever, mind the guidelines, and Go Blue!

Today's tune isn't a tune, it's just good advice that my kids thought would be funny to share with you...