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NCAA Tournament 2014 Open Thread & Updates

Just because Michigan isn't playing today doesn't mean that you can't hang out here at MnB and talk some trash, show support for an underdog, or root for your "second" team.

Welcome to the day two open thread, everyone!

Yesterday was certainly an interesting day of basketball, wasn't it? Of course, our beloved Wolverines took care of Wofford, but not before the Terriers went on a bit of a run.

The stories yesterday:

- Ohio State losing to Dayton.

- Albany giving Florida all they could handle...for one half.

- UConn needing overtime to beat St. Joe's.

- Harvard beating Cincy.

- Louisville sneaking by the Jaspers.

- Colorado forgetting that they were supposed to play a basketball game.

Of importance to Michigan fans, though, was Texas beating Arizona State on a buzzer beater. Michigan will now face Texas on Saturday in Milwaukee (preview to come, I'm sure).

As for today, the "must see" games can probably be boiled down to: 5 VCU vs 12 Stephen F. Austin, and 6 Baylor vs 11 Nebraska. It's not that there aren't other intriguing match-ups--I mean, who isn't going to be ready for Duke/Mercer, right?--but VCU has had some great success in recent years, and SFA has a real shot at taking the Rams out. My money's still on former Wisconsinite Shaka Smart. Nebraska? What they've been able to accomplish this season is nothing short of amazing, and I have to admit that I'm kinda sorta maybe rooting for them. You gotta love feel-good stories, even if they're from Nebraska.

Okay, so like I said up above...Michigan doesn't have to be playing today in order for you to hang out. Comment like this is the most important thread ever, mind the guidelines, and Go Blue!

No tunes today, but here's a good representation of my reaction to yesterday's hockey loss to Penn State. Zach, please consider this my recap...