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NCAA Tournament Viewers' Guide: Weekend Edition

Well that was a fun/bonkers opening round of basketball. No rest for the weary, though, as the weekend brings yet more possibilities for dread and/or bedlam depending on what state your brackets are in after Friday night. Tune in to the following batch of games for the best chance at seeing a higher seed go down in flames (even Michigan is on this list).

Saturday Games

(9) Pittsburgh vs. (1) Florida; 12:15 pm, CBS - Florida didn't beat Albany by much on Thursday. Pittsburgh is not Albany. Look for a close game if Pittsburgh scores as often as they did against Colorado.

(7) Texas vs (2) Michigan; 5:15 pm, CBS - I'd hope to not put Michigan on upset watch this soon, but a double-digit win against Wofford with as poorly as the Wolverines shot the ball is enough to raise the alarm. Nik Stauskas and Glenn Robinson III led the team but beyond them it was a mess. Texas will be hyped up after needing every single tenth of a second to beat Arizona State, so this game can start off the evening slate well.

(12) North Dakota State vs. (4) San Diego State; 6:10 pm, TNT - Steve Fisher took to the bully pulpit briefly after the Aztecs beat New Mexico State to say what we were all thinking. Tonight, they have to avoid being sent home themselves because NDSU shot Oklahoma out of the gym Thursday night. At least it won't be one in the morning when the losing team returns home this time.

(7) Oregon vs (2) Wisconsin; 7:45 pm, CBS - The Badgers held a team to 35 points on Thursday. Oregon scored 87 points in their game. B1G defense versus a speedy Pac-12 team, and it's not a Rose Bowl matchup? What a time to be alive.

(12) Harvard vs (4) Michigan State; 8:40 pm, TNT - Harvard is way better than their 12-seed. Michigan State looked way better than their four seed. All Michigan fans will rejoice if a former Michigan coach takes out the Spartans. It also may break ESPN for the evening.

Sunday Games

(8) Kentucky vs (1) Wichita State; 2:45 pm, CBS - Both teams are coming off of comfortable wins on Thursday. Kentucky is perfectly fine being the underdog, but anything can happen with how this tournament is going thus far. The Shockers may decide to prove they belong in the bracket of death that already claimed Duke.

(6) North Carolina vs (3) Iowa State, 5:15 pm, CBS - Georges Niang is out for the tournament, and North Carolina barely beat Providence courtesy of a Friars player foolishly fouling a shooter as the game was about to go to overtime. The Cyclones are really good, as Michigan can attest, but this one is squarely a toss-up.

(14) Mercer vs (11) Tennessee; 6:10 pm, TNT - Have you heard? Mercer beat DUKE. This game's winner gets Michigan/Texas, and a real chance to make the elite eight. Tennessee demolished UMass, surprising no one, but can Mercer strike gold again against not-Duke?

(12) Stephen F. Austin vs (4) UCLA; 7:10 pm, TBS - The Lumberjacks pulled a miracle against VCU, and UCLA looked like the UCLA of old late against Tulsa. Whether UCLA can impose their will against a true cinderella is why this game must be watched.

(6) Baylor vs (3) Creighton; 7:45 pm, truTV - Doug McDermott did Doug McDermott things to Louisiana Lafayette, but Baylor is a scoring machine. The Bears held off a Nebrasa charge on Thursday, but Creighton is not Nebraska. I'll still watch, if only to see what color jerseys Baylor wears.

Enjoy the chaos.