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Friday Michigan Football Recruiting Roundup Isn't Done Recruiting

The FRR updates you on the very latest regarding Michigan football recruiting. The defensive back recruiting isn't over, you don't say? An offensive lineman is visiting, but don't get your hopes up. That and more.

Leon Halip

Michigan Isn't Done Recruiting Defensive Backs, Apparently

As I discussed in Wednesday's roundup, Sam Webb tweeted a story that said Michigan may not be done with their defensive back recruiting after Garrett Taylor committed to the Wolverines on Monday. It appears that Michigan may have sent out the feelers on 4-star safety Rashad Roundtree (no relation to Roy) out of Georgia in the past few days.

According to Roundtree in a recent interview ($) with 247Sports, there has been contact but on a very preliminary basis:

"It's mostly been preliminary stuff so far," Roundtree said. "An introduction on both sides and Coach Mallory just wanting to see how my offseason has been going. I can tell they're interested in me though, and I would be interested in Michigan."

What does this all mean? At this point in time, it means nothing without an offer. It could be Michigan creating a safety net incase anything might happen to Kinnel -- which I highly doubt. Though it appears the coaching staff may want to start looking for their second safety to go with their two committed corners in this class. Again, there is nothing concrete without an offer, this appears to be Mallory's way of kicking the tires to see if there is interest there.

Roundtree has a very impressive offer list of the usual suspects down south with Alabama, Clemson and Auburn amongst those who have offered. The biggest red flag in terms of competition is Georgia. The Bulldogs have offered the safety and I feel it would be extremely difficult to pull him out of the state. If you pay any attention to football recruiting in Georgia, you know that team absolutely locks down that state as far as top-tier talent goes. Of course, there are some who slip through the cracks but it doesn't appear to be the case here.

I would definitely keep your eyes peeled to further interest going out to the safety position, as it appears Michigan isn't done attempting to shore up that talent. It won't stop at Roundtree.

Fruhmorgen to Visit, Don't Get Your Hopes Up

As it has been mentioned before in a previous roundup, 2015 4-star offensive lineman Jake Fruhmorgen will be visiting Michigan this weekend.

Should you care that he is visiting? Sure. Should be excited that Michigan could potentially make a move here? Yes and no.

I will tell you why.

It is a big deal to have Fruhmorgen on campus due to the fact that the previous interest the 4-star has shown Michigan is legitimate. Plus, it's always a huge plus when you can have potential elite-level talent come visit campus. But, personally, I think the excitement ends there. Michigan might not have a good chance with this one.

It has long been rumored that Clemson is the frontrunner for Fruhmorgan, who also been on record for saying he thought about a commitment. I think the best Michigan can do here is at least make him slow down his timeline and give it some thought. Though, if Michigan can blow him away like they've done with recruits in the past, anything can happen. But, I think Michigan is on the outside looking in for this one.

The biggest disadvantage Michigan faces here is Fruhmorgen's parents will not be accompanying him on this visit, instead his head coach will be. Both of his parents have seen Clemson and Florida, his presumed leaders, so that puts Michigan behind the pack. Also, considering this is not an overnight stay, the coaching staff may not be able to put together the full experience like they did with Taylor a few weeks ago.

Some other names to look out for in this class? Considering Michigan already has Jon Runyan Jr on board, someone like Grant Newsome, Garrett Thomas or Sterling Jenkins (presumed Penn State lean, but has Michigan interest) could fit the role Michigan is looking for. Don't expect a very heavy OL class considering the youth that is already on roster. Though the lines will continue to be addressed in the future.

Link Roundup

Our very own DGDestroys has more (FREE) on the Garrett Taylor commitment and discusses what he potentially brings to the program.

247's Steve Lorenz has another ($) Inside Michigan Recruiting piece out discussing Daelin Hayes, Jake Fruhmorgen and more.

Scout has an interview ($) with 5-star quarterback Torrance Gibson looking for a Michigan offer. He would be a solid option at quarterback. Though don't expect anything to happen if that offer does come, Michigan should be considered a longshot here.

Scout also talks with ($) 4-star offensive tackle Newsome and where he stands with his recruitment. Remember, Michigan recruits Virginia really well (See: Garrett Taylor) and I think Michigan is in great shape for him.

Michigan also had a visitor from 2016 quarterback Steven Frank, which he confirmed on Twitter yesterday. Though the 2016 quarterback search is guaranteed to be as crazy as the 2015 class is turning out to be, I can't even offer a comment on the '16 class as of right now.

2016 OL E.J. Price grew up a Michigan fan ($) according to a recent 247 interview. He's being touted as an "elite" prospect, so that's a good thing. It's never a 100% fact that he will be a Wolverine when all is said and done, but one could deduce that Michigan is in great shape once he visits.

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