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Game Thead: Clinch. That. Title!

Illinois is on a streak, but Michigan is poised to take the Big Ten regular season title.

Gregory Shamus

Welcome to the Michigan at Illinois game thread, everyone!

The final road game of the season is upon us, but let's not get too cocky about our opponent. After all, they did just beat Michigan State. Actually, after losing eight games in a row, they've been able to win four of their last six and the last three in a row. Are the Illini going on a late season run to save face? Possibly, so let's hope the Wolverines are focused on the task at hand.


If you need to satisfy your jones for sports this week, head over here to watch Michigan lacrosse play High Point at 7:00 ET Wednesday night, and don't forget about the hockey team's series with Michigan State this weekend.

Be sure to check out this article and welcome Adam Biggers to the MnB family. Adam will be covering recruiting and other football-related topics for us; we're happy to have him. I haven't officially welcomed him yet, either, so...Welcome aboard, Adam!

Sit back, comment like this is the most important thread ever, mind the guidelines, and Go Blue! By the way, as a little MnB promo, be sure to come and hang out on the B1G and NCAA tourney threads once we get into tournament season. I'll be on vacation and should be able to hang out with everyone the entire time.../pauses 10 seconds...Yeah, same to you!

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