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Big Ten Tournament Bracket Announced: Michigan Is A One-Seed (Duh)

Michigan has been sitting on the top seed for a while now, but the rest of the bracket has fallen into place and Michigan has a good chance to advance to the final.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Thoughts, in no particular order:

- Michigan will face one of its last two opponents on Friday, and given how the last two games of the season went, ending up with another game against the Illini might be preferrable — although Michigan probably can't match its performance from behind the arc a second time around.

- Michigan is on the opposite side of the bracket of the teams that I think could pose the biggest challenge.  Despite its recent struggles, Iowa still scares me, and Wisconsin is a potentially bad matchup.

- For those of you that like set schedules, Michigan will be the first game on every day it plays, making it a certainty that you won't have to wait around for the start of a UM game while another game finishes up.