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Monday Michigan Football Recruiting Roundup Likes Its Chances

The MRR updates you on the very latest regarding Michigan football recruiting. Is more good news coming to Michigan in the coming days? Who is Michigan planning to see throw? That and more.


Hayes Sets a Date

2016 RB/LB Daelin Hayes announced on Twitter yesterday that he will be making his college announcement on April 27 at an upcoming camp hosted by Rivals.

Realistically, the only three schools who have offered is Michigan, Michigan State and Tennessee battle. Since the beginning of his recruitment, it has always been assumed -- but never confirmed -- that it would be a in-state battle between Michigan and Michigan State for Hayes.

Here's why I like Michigan in this case.

To simplify everything, Hayes has been a regular on campus for quite some time now. Even extending as far back as last year. In an interview Hayes did with 247's Steve Wiltfong when he first received his offer ($), Hayes made it clear he was very comfortable with the Wolverines already.

"This is a school I feel very, very comfortable at, and it’s one of the best school’s I can be at education wise, and that’s a huge thing for my decision-making process."

Now, less than a month later, Hayes will be announcing his decision.

Another potential selling point for Hayes to Michigan is the fact his cousin, redshirt junior RB Justice Hayes, plays for the Wolverines currently. This family connection doesn't necessarily mean it is a guarantee, but it certainly helps when Hayes has someone to sell the program to.

At the end of the day, I do expect good news for Michigan on the 27th. I think Hayes' pre-established relationship with the coaches, the quality of education and having a family member already on the team will help persuade Hayes to Michigan's corner.

Michigan Offers Haughton

It appears that defensive back help for the 2015 class is not over yet. At least for the safety position that is.

The coaching staff extended an offer to 2015 3-star S Kahlil Haughton on Friday. Haughton, a Texas native, does not know much about the Wolverines and discussed the offer ($) with 247's Steve Lorenz.

"I talked to Coach Manning, and they said they really loved my film," he said. "They asked me what my interest was in Michigan, and I told them that at this point, I don't know a lot about them but that I want to learn more."

Despite that, Haughton does know some about the program.

"They do have a lot of tradition and have always had an amazing football program," he noted. "Their fan base is amazing and is something that stands out. Playing in front of more than 110,000 people every home game is something that would be a lot of fun, so I definitely plan on looking into a visit to see what Michigan has to offer me."

This recruitment is one of the "wait and see" varieties. Texas and California are one of the more difficult states to recruit if you're Michigan because of the in-state powers who poach all of the talent in the state. In the case of Haughton, it is possible that he could very well come up for a visit, but it is also very likely he doesn't leave the state.

Haughton boasts around 16 offers from schools around the nation, but the one to keep an eye on would be hometown Baylor. The Bears have a fairly solid grip on the Waco area so it is tough to imagine him getting out of that area, let alone the state itself.

Nussmeier to Evaluate Malzone

It appears that Michigan is finally starting to get the ball rolling on evaluating quarterbacks for the 2015 class. According to Rivals' Andy Reid in a recent interview with 2015 3-star QB Alex Malzone, Michigan, along with 10-15 other schools, should be on campus today ($) to evaluate Malzone's arm.

"We are building a relationship and talking about his plan," Malzone said. "We talk a lot, and he is pretty pumped up about seeing me throw, and I am excited for it, too. That is the next step.

Does this mean an offer is on its way?

It's possible, but I wouldn't put much stock into it right away. This situation could be similar to what Wilton Speight's was last year, who received an offer after his live throwing session with the coaching staff. Or, it could be just another option for Nussmeier to add to his short list of quarterback options.

The quarterback recruitment has been a strange one. No one really knows which direction they are headed.

However, if Nussmeier wants to offer Malzone, he better do it quickly. He could possibly be making a decision in May. Unless another major program (like a Michigan or someone else) comes around and offers, then this process will slow down a bit for him.

Malzone touched on that briefly with Reid.

"I have been to a lot of places, and I feel like I have a pretty good hold on the colleges I like and where I feel good," he said. "I want to find a place where I can see myself going for four years. I have visited a lot of the colleges that are coming to see me throw. I have gotten a good look at the schools and campuses. I am looking for a football program that suits me offensively. A place that would be the right fit."

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