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ABC/ESPN Announces Prime Time Game Slate For 2014: Michigan-PSU On ESPN

The Wolverines will play once in primetime on ABC/ESPN, against Penn State.

Gregory Shamus

If I recall correctly, the UM-PSU game was already announced as a night game. However, now we know a little more. Specifically, that those two teams will meet at 7pm and the game will be either on ESPN or ESPN2.

This comes as part of ABC's announcement of its primetime slate of Big Ten games for the upcoming season. Other teams getting in the action are Ohio State (three), Nebraska (two), Michigan State (one), and Penn State with one other prime time game.

The Big Ten will also be symbolically breaking down a barrier, having scheduled a night game for November — the first day of November to be exact. However, since this is a game between Ohio State and Illinois the Big Ten hasn't actually set much of a precedent. That game is going to be over sometime in mid-October anyway.

Michigan may still pick up another televised night game when the Big Ten Network announces its lineup. Furthermore, Michigan is already slated to play Notre Dame in prime time on NBC in the second week of the season.