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Your Friday Drinking Instructions Bid Fond Farewell to Maize n Brew

it's been a great ride but peace

Ronald Martinez

Over the last couple years, I've had a lot of fun writing for Maize n Brew. I started doing roundups back when I lived in London, attempted to replace Kyle McCann't and his wonderful snark and beer recs, and have grown to consider Dave, Zach, and the cast of authors and editors we've had on this site as friends. But sometimes, life takes us on an interesting journey, and our decisions are not always our own.

My dad - a guiding force in my Michigan fanhood - and I both want to let everyone know how thankful I am for this opportunity - and to Zach and the SBN crew - for the privacy and the time to make this decision. As many of you know, it's important to weigh all the factors that go into something like this. With that being said, I'm ready to move on to the next stage in my blogging career - and go write for Detroit Bad Boys. I couldn't pass this opportunity up, but it's important you know why.

Being part of a blog that values integrity, it's important I let everyone know I haven't always made the best decisions. I recently bought a case of Coors Light for a party - though it was for a friend, I was notified by the powers that be at Maize n Brew that this could be a problem soon after basketball season concluded. I regret thoroughly disappointing my co-authors, mentors, family, and the entire beer world. Despite my regrettable lapse in purchasing judgment, they've all been understanding and helpful over the past couple of weeks.

I take full responsibility for this poor choice and want to apologize to everyone - especially Zach and those I have grown close to during my fabulous two years at Maize n Brew.

During every step of this process, I talked to Zach - he's pretty great. He's been a guiding force and an inspiration. He gave me permission to include the following statement on behalf of him and the Blog:

"Shash has had a tremendous impact on our Blog from the moment he started writing for us. He's injected an enthusiasm that cannot be matched. This is why he's loved by the writers, his readers, and by lovers of beer in general.

The progress he's made on the blog and off the blog has been outstanding. His willingness to face a personal issue head on and his positive work ethic during his recent absence have helped him to grow in many ways. We know that he will put all of his energy and effort toward achieving his goals. We will continue to assist and support Shash as he pursues a career in the NBA blogosphere."

I've had my ups and downs - especially with my hiatus this offseason. I want to thank all the readers for embracing me. This has been the best two years of my life and I've had some unbelievable memories. I know that I'll be a Brewski forever - and Go Blue.


man it's a good thing i made that whole thing up wouldn't it suck if something like that






I'm still supposed to tell you something to drink. Whatever it is, don't drink the NCAA's Kool-aid, because

Whatever you drink, pour one out for Mitch, the 2014 Michigan Basketball Wolverines, and John Beilein.

Good night, sweet prince. This is a shitty situation and you did the only thing you could. I could almost fault you for smoking pot knowing the risk - but you're a kid in college. But the NCAA doesn't care.

I don't mean to presume Mitch or any of the Michigan athletes read my little corner of the internet, but for what it's worth - Mitch McGarry, you'll always have this writer's respect, appreciation, and support. Good luck with all that you hope to achieve.

Until next week - Cheers, Michigan Faithful.