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Friday Michigan Football Recruiting Roundup Ends the Saga

The FRR updates you on the very latest regarding Michigan football recruiting. The saga FINALLY ends with a certain 2014 recruit, visitors aplenty this weekend and Georgia recruiting is creepy.

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The Saga Ends

The Malik McDowell recruitment saga is officially over and I don't ever have to mention it again. While it is a happy day for me, it is a sad day for Wolverines fans who thought the "will he or won't he?" question would land in Michigan's favor. McDowell confirmed on Twitter late Wednesday night that his LOI was signed and he is now indeed a Spartan.

What does this mean for Michigan? Absolutely nothing except for the fact that he will be donning the Green and White instead of the Maize and Blue. However, if he lives up to the hype, he could be disrupting future Michigan quarterbacks in the very near future.

As far as potential scholarship implications are concerned, this doesn't necessarily add one to the 2015 class. A scholarship was always going to be free for McDowell if he decided to become a Wolverine. Now that he isn't, it'll just be used for the 2015 class like it was always intended to be.

Now can we finally put this to rest?

Regardless, I am happy for the kid. It's good to see that he was able to attend the school that he wanted to go to, and wasn't forced elsewhere. I wish him the best.


Flying under the radar on Tuesday was Michigan receiving a commit from 2014 in-state quarterback/safety Joey Hewlett as a preferred walk-on. It isn't known what position he is playing, but it is assumed that he will walk-on as a quarterback.

Hewlett confirmed the news on Twitter account:

Walk-on or scholarship, it's always heartwarming to see a kid achieve his dreams. You work hard and good things can happen.

With Hewlett on board, this adds an interesting cog into the recruitment of 2015 3-star offensive lineman David Moorman. Hewlett and Moorman are teammates, and Moorman has been on campus countless times during the past few months. However, it appears that this interest is only one-sided and that being with Moorman. It is unclear if Michigan will ever offer the lineman but he is a name to look out for in the future.

If you're interested, you can check out some highlights from Hewlett, here.

Spring Game Visitor List

With the spring game on Saturday, it is always a solid event for recruits to attend. Tim Sullivan from Rivals posted a list of potential attendees ($) on Saturday. Which include:

  • 4-star WR Miles Boykin (Not currently offered)
  • 4-star TE Hale Hentges (Offered)
  • 3-star OL David Moorman (Not currently offered)
  • 2016 LB Brendan Ferns (Not currently offered, brother of Michael Ferns)
  • 2016 LB Daelin Hayes (Offered, cousins with Justice Hayes)
  • 2017 LB Joshua Ross (Offered, brother of James Ross III)

Also included on the list as a maybe is arguably one of Michigan's top targets in the 2015 class, 4-star tight end Tyrone Wheatley Jr. Wheatley has a string of visits going on that weekend, so attending the spring game is a possibility but not a definite thing right now. However, it's always positive to get your top targets back on campus.

The obvious question on everybody's minds is probably this: Will anyone commit this weekend?

I typically go by the saying "anything can happen," when discussing recruiting. I stand by that saying for this weekend. While there are no strong leads for a commitment, you never know what could happen this weekend. I wouldn't get your hopes up (I'm serious, don't), but there's always a chance for a surprise. As of right now, that chance is looking like a slim-to-none possibility.

As far as offers go, I would not be surprised of Boykin gets an offer this weekend. With Notre Dame and Michigan State getting in on him early, it could benefit Michigan by doing the same. Also, someone with ties to Michigan like a Ferns or Lavert Hill (brother of Delano Hill), could make sense here as well. With Ferns' interest starting to pick up, this weekend could be a great time for Michigan to get in on him early.

Totally Unrelated

As the heading says, instead of the "Link Roundup" today, here is the totally unrelated recruiting post of the day. Georgia head coach Mark Richt sure knows how to make it creepy ($) when recruiting. Not sure how I'd feel if I received a hand-drawn picture of myself in the mail. Sure, it's a unique and creative recruiting tactic, but no thanks.

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