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Jeremy Gallon Eying the Next Level

NFL hopeful Jeremy Gallon opens up about his preparations leading up to the NFL Draft.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Although the Michigan football career of star wide receiver Jeremy Gallon is over, he hopes there is still a future ahead of him in the sport beyond the collegiate ranks.

Until that is decided, it is business as usual for the NFL hopeful.

"I've been in Indianapolis working out but for the past week I've been back here working out at Shembechler (Hall)," said Gallon. "I've just been listening and staying humble while working on my craft and staying in shape."

Gallon was a coach in the Go Blue Bowl Friday evening. An event catered to the youth who participated in flag football games in which they being coached by many former Wolverines. The event, which was created by former Wolverine and Indianapolis Colts defensive back Marlin Jackson, has also been helping Gallon train during his time in Indianapolis.

With only a month left until the Draft, Gallon admits that he is not a finished product and has areas of his game he would like to improve on.

"Just trying to stay fit basically," said Gallon. "I've been doing everything, I've been doing full body workouts, working on my conditioning and just trying to stay in shape."

While the list of potential suitors for Gallon isn't very long at this point, he did mention that he recently conducted a workout with the New England Patriots and will also potentially set up workouts with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs in the near future.

"I'm really hoping anybody that is interested will come out and give me a shot," said Gallon. "It only takes one team to look at you."

With no expectations heading into draft day, Gallon mentioned he likes where he is at physically and just staying patient for his moment. He plans on heading home to Florida and watching the draft with his family before flying off to his new city.

For Gallon, the most important thing is staying hungry.

The NFL Draft begins on May 8 and will conclude on the 10th.

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