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Wednesday Michigan Football Recruiting Roundup Clears the Air

The WRR updates you on the very latest regarding Michigan football recruiting. The rumors about a certain 2015 commit visiting elsewhere are addressed, and the difficult to decipher quarterback recruitment process for 2015 is also discussed.

Gregory Shamus

Let's Clear the Air Here

Though this is surely going to be a non-issue in the long run, but I feel that it should be addressed. Before the "doomsdayer" recruiting fans fall victim to message board rumblings, it's time to clear the air about a certain Michigan commit potentially visiting elsewhere.

Over on Rivals, Tim Sullivan posted a threat in The Fort ($) that somewhat teased a current Michigan commit potentially visiting rival Notre Dame over the weekend. Here is what Sullivan had to say:

There have been slight rumblings on our board that a U-M commit would be visiting another school this weekend. The rumblings emanate from Notre Dame circles, where a player committed to another school is rumored to be visiting the Irish for their spring game Saturday.

Who is that commit you might ask?

If the rumors are true, this one might sting for some fans. It's Shaun Crawford.

HOWEVER, I don't really see any type of validity to this message board fodder. Considering the Crawford's (parents are included here) are coming off an excellent spring game visit, where Crawford even met Michigan legend Charles Woodson, the timing in regards to this rumor doesn't make much sense.

Crawford's father, who is heavily involved in his son's recruitment (in a positive way), appears to fully be in Michigan's camp here. Which is a big deal because the parents obviously have a lot of influence in a young kid's life. It's just another small hint that makes this rumor seem a little strange at face value.

Crawford has been a victim of many visit rumors -- many have been rumored to Notre Dame -- for quite some time now, and those have never happened. It's either that Crawford changes his mind due to backlash, or it is not true. I'm leaning towards the falsehood of the rumors.

If you needed more reason to feel better about the Crawford to visit Notre Dame rumor, Steve Lorenz from 247 touches on it briefly in his latest Inside Michigan Football Recruiting piece ($):

Shaun has a track meet this weekend. He is not visiting Notre Dame.

But, wait, there's more!

Others are starting to report Crawford may be looking at visiting Notre Dame (he is not the recruit being rumored by their site).

"I have made no commitment to do anything (this weekend)," he just told me.

Last night around 10 is when he told me he had a track meet and would not be visiting anywhere, so unless something changes, he is going to go to his track meet.

Good night, sweet rumors.

Lewerke Adds Another Cog into the 2015 QB Cycle

With more questions than answers, the 2015 recruitment for quarterbacks looks to be about the same as it was for 2014 before Wilton Speight was offered. A lot of names, very few offers.

You can add another name into the quarterback lottery with 3-star Brian Lewerke, who appears to have interest in Michigan and is coming off a positive visit to Ann Arbor over the weekend.

Coming off his spring game visit, 247's Clint Brewster spoke with ($) Lewerke about his time at Michigan and what is going on in terms of an offer. He gives us very little information, which sounds about right with what fans could expect from the coaching staff and their quarterback recruitment:

"The coaches said I'm one their top guys, they just want to wait a little longer before sending out an offer."

"Michigan would be in my top three of four schools if they offered. Michigan State, Michigan, Arizona State, and Florida are my top schools in no order."

Who else could be considered "top guys" that are left? Lewerke, 4-stars Brandon Wimbush and Travis Waller and 3-star Alex Malzone would make sense if a top group was necessary. It appears that offers are contingent on Nussmeier's thoughts on watching these quarterback's throwing live. Which is essentially how Speight was offered last year. Malzone could be an option for Michigan here, as would Lewerke. Both quarterbacks appear to be very interest in Michigan and Malzone is in their backyard being an in-state kid.

Wimbush and Waller would be the more difficult pulls for the Wolverines. Wimbush has gotten offers from all over the country, and appears to be very interested in Penn State. Waller is a California kid, and we all know how difficult it is to pull a kid out of California (Josh Rosen, anyone?) BUT, never say never.

Below is a highlight tape from Lewerke.

Everyone Loves a Free Post

The Big House Report had an insightful interview with 2015 DB commit Tyree Kinnel. The post includes the text and audio version of the interview as well. Kinnel informs the readers on who he is currently trying to recruit to Michigan:

"Yeah, I've been working on (five-star 2015 linebacker) Justin Hilliard for awhile now and I still talk to him quite a bit. Brian Cole (four-star 2015 athlete), I talk to him. There have been a couple others, but not as strong. I guess you could say those are the strongest I've been talking to. I really want Hilliard. I've seen him play, and Michigan is pretty high on him. The whole country is high on him, actually, and I think he'd be a perfect fit for us."

All of those are great names and would be great fits at Michigan. Hopefully the extra recruiting will pay off.

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