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Wolverines in the NFL: Jeremy Gallon Drafted 244th Overall by the New England Patriots

The Michigan wide receiver, who broke several of the Wolverines' all-time receiving records, went in the 29th pick of the seventh round in the 2014 NFL draft to the New England Patriots.

Wide receiver Jeremy Gallon.
Wide receiver Jeremy Gallon.
Gregory Shamus

It looks like Jeremy Gallon will be catching passes from former Michigan quarterback Tom Brady, as he was just drafted in the seventh round to the New England Patriots.

Gallon, who was passed up in several rounds by numerous teams, will prove to be a steal for the dynasty in New England, which has a reputation for taking underrated gems in the draft's late rounds. Though Gallon had a standout career at Michigan, especially in his senior season when he broke numerous school records for receiving, he was drafted after a number of wide receivers, including T.J. Jones, who went to the Detroit Lions.

A while back I did an NFL draft preview of where I thought Jeremy Gallon would go. Here is the gist of my conclusion:

I'm personally expecting Gallon to be a mid to late pick in the third round, but that could be just my bias as a Michigan fan believing that the guy who broke Braylon Edwards' school record for single season receiving yards is just as good anyone projected to go in the first round.

If Gallon somehow makes it all the way down to the fifth round (or later!) as many expect him to, anyone could select him. By that point most of the teams will have filled their needs and will be looking to add the best player available. You should know by this point in the article that if your team selects Jeremy Gallon, that's precisely what they'll get.

I also did a comparison of Gallon to Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins and showed that the two had similar stats, although admittedly Watkins was more prolific and beats Gallon if you're talking about size. Gallon plays much bigger than his measurables and has phenomenal hands catching the ball. I personally thought he compared most closely to former Notre Dame receiver Golden Tate. Gallon, of course, is a little shorter, but has the same play-making ability.

The teams that I thought would most definitely take Gallon included the Jets, the Chiefs, the Seahawks, and possibly the Panthers. Instead, the Patriots took him, continuing one of their long trends of taking sleeper players who could turn out to have an outstanding impact and a standout career.

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