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Michigan Weekend Update: 4-Star 2015 DB Shaun Crawford Could Visit Miami (Fla.); Jalen Rose Wants Reggie Miller to Notice Him

Shaun Crawford is reportedly interested in visiting Miami and Jalen Rose remains salty in regards to Reggie Miller.

Oh, Reggie...just give Jalen a hug, man.
Oh, Reggie...just give Jalen a hug, man.
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Because you're busy doing weekend stuff--and I'm not...

To an extent, Tom VanHaaren's recent tweet about Shaun Crawford should startle Michigan fans.

Like it or not, there is now reason to believe that the 4-star DB isn't fully committed to Brady Hoke's 2015 class. It wasn't long ago that rumors about Ohio State surfaced. Then, just a few weeks ago, there were minor whispers regarding Notre Dame.

But despite the chatter, the Lakewood St. Edward (Ohio) star has remained true blue. He's said no to the Buckeyes and the talk of the Irish turned out to be talk. But things just took a turn for the worse.

This will be a problem. A major problem. Hoke doesn't like commits taking visits to other schools. In fact, he's implemented a strict, but technically flexible, no-visit policy.

However, it's probably a wrap for the Wolverines if Crawford indeed heads south to tour Miami's Coral Gables campus. Done. Bye, Shaun. Hoke may not have the option of being lenient with him.

Of course, TVH's tweet should be approached with caution. Just because there's a plan to visit doesn't mean that'll it happen. Who knows? Maybe Hoke will contact Crawford and emphasize the protocol. After all, TVH's tweet indicates that the coach isn't aware of the June excursion. Perhaps the youngster needs a reminder.

And then there's always this: Crawford knows full well and just doesn't care; he's going to take his visits on his terms--no-visits null in void. He has that right. He only has this experience once, and it's imperative that he makes the proper decision based on his athletic and academic needs.

If Miami is that place, so be it. An offer from Michigan shouldn't prevent a recruit from exercising his options. So, now that's out of the way, it's time to move on to a little more bad news.

Jalen's Mad

Apparently, it's difficult for the former Fab Fiver to forget the way he was treated by Reggie Miller, his former teammate with the Indiana Pacers.

And as we all know, Jalen Rose says what he wants, when he wants and where he wants. Grantland podcasts/live broadcasts seem to be his weapon of choice (via Bleacher Report's Adam Fromal):

Fromal writes: Jalen Rose has plenty of current beefs stemming from his first season with the Indiana Pacers, even if that came well over a decade ago.

Between Reggie Miller refusing to acknowledge him and Larry Brown trying to run him out of the league, it doesn't exactly sound as though the standout swingman enjoyed his time with the Indiana Pacers, which began in 1996. You can hear him discussing that portion of his career below, via Grantland, and it's worth listening from 9:10 until about 21 minutes in:

If there are any other interesting bits floating around, I'll find them and add them to this post. Enjoy that yard work.

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