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100 Days Until Michigan Football

Our daily countdown to the return of Michigan football and the premiere of Team 135 is back.

Dave Reginek

Summer is just starting to ramp up here in southeastern Virginia, but I can already find my mind wandering at different points in the day to fall.

Football Saturdays don't quite feel the same down here, as the first month of the season remains as hot as the summers I am used to in Michigan, and even November game days are as likely to be 65 and sunny as 40 and overcast.  This is both a blessing (60s in November) and a curse (hurricane season is something I never had to deal with before)

But college football's pageantry still shines through, even outside the comfortable confines of the Midwest where I learned to love the game, and as of today we are officially 100 days away from the kickoff of Michigan's 2014 season on August first against (TEAM NAME REDACTED) on August 30th in the Big House.

So stop by every day, when we will introduce a different player on the roster in a slow burning anticipation of the season to come.