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Drew Dileo, Fitz Toussaint appear on Miami Dolphins minicamp roster

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The Miami Herald released their minicamp roster with two familiar names from the Michigan football program featured on the roster.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The journey for a chance to find a place on an NFL roster continued over the weekend for two former University of Michigan players. Running back Fitzgerald Toussaint and receiver Drew Dileo are participating in a minicamp tryout for the Miami Dolphins. Which is also home to former UDFA and U-M captain, Jordan Kovacs.

According to his agent, Vincent Calo, he confirmed Toussaint's participation with the Dolphins via email. Toussaint was recently in Baltimore for a tryout.

Calo mentioned Toussaint was scheduled to tryout with the Ravens and that his chances of earning a contract were good, but him being in Miami signals that it didn't quite work out.

The Miami Herald released the Dolphins minicamp roster which confirmed Toussaint as a participant and also gave a first glimpse into Dileo's attempts at making an NFL roster. Listed as 'Andrew' Dileo, the 5-10 180-pound former receiver does not appear to be attempting a position change and will tryout as a receiver.

More information to be released as it comes available.

Joshua Henschke covers University of Michigan football for SB Nation's Maize n Brew. You can follow him on Twitter @JoshuaHenschke.