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Denard Robinson has high hopes for Team 135

In part two of our interview, Denard Robinson touches on aspects of Team 135 and also gives his opinion on whether Michigan is still the elite program in the state.

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The 2014 was the first season in four years that did not feature Denard Robinson at quarterback. Though the team struggled mightily during the season, there were times where a little flash of 'Shoelace brilliance' would've been nice to have at their exposure.

However, life moves on and so will Michigan football.

The first step in fixing what went wrong for Michigan was firing offensive coordinator Al Borges and hiring Doug Nussmeier away from Alabama. Borges, who was Robinson's quarterback coach for two seasons, seemed to be the scapegoat for the offense's ineptitude.

But don't tell Robinson that.

"Coach Borges is a great coach. I would never bash him or talk badly about him," said Robinson. "Coach Hoke had to do what he had to do and that's life. Those guys made that decision and I can't go against it."

"They didn't have the best season last year so that's what happens."

A poor start also forced Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner under the microscope in 2013, despite putting up near single season record numbers for the Wolverines. Gardner, a back-up to Robinson, earned the praises of the former captain.

He also gave Gardner some friendly advice, do what you know best.

"He just needs to be himself," Robinson admitted. "He's a great athlete and a great quarterback, having another year of experience under his belt helps. The guys behind him are really good as well. (Gardner) did a decent job last year, but I think he's going to take a step forward this season."

Michigan welcomes two new members to the Big Ten in Maryland and Rutgers, which also means Michigan now shares a division with Ohio State and Michigan State. 'State', who Robinson refers to the Spartans as, had a dream season leading up their Rose Bowl victory.

However, don't be fooled. Michigan is still the elite program in the state of Michigan according to Robinson.

"Not to brag, but everyone knows that. We are the elite program in the state of Michigan," said Robinson. "I will say that they had our number last year, I will give credit where credit is due. But (Michigan) will bounce back, and we've beaten them the year before. It's not a problem."

In order to retain their elite titles, Michigan must win more than 7 games a season. With a weak home schedule, Michigan has a chance to make some noise in the 'crazy' -- in Robinson's own words -- Big Ten if everything falls together.

"The Big Ten is always crazy, you never know who the team to beat is," admitted Robinson. "You just have to focus."

"I think (Michigan) is going to have a great season, obviously, I'll always pull for them. I talked to the new offensive coordinator (Doug Nussmeier) and I like what he brings to the team. Of course Coach Hoke who I think will do a great job coaching the team."

With over three months to go until the 2014 season kicks off against Appalachian State, Robinson has high hopes for Team 135 as they prepare for the new campaign. In typical Robinson fashion, he delivered his prediction with a signature laugh.

"I think they will have a solid season this year and make the alumni proud," said Robinson with a laugh.

Joshua Henschke covers University of Michigan football for SB Nation's Maize n Brew. You can follow him on Twitter @JoshuaHenschke.