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Michigan Football Recruiting: (Kind of) Way Too Early Look at the Wolverines' 2016 Efforts on the Trail

We've yet to make it through the 2015 cycle. But there's nothing wrong with getting a head start on the next class. This post highlights a few players worthy of your attention. Note: The 2016 class has one commit, 4-star OT Erik Swenson.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Right now, you're probably focusing every spare moment that you have into researching Michigan's 2015 recruiting class. That's great. That's what you should be doing, actually. With a six-man collection so far, Brady Hoke is on the search for more talented bodies to fill his cupboards and clean up on NSD 2015.

By most accounts, he'll do just that.

But what about 2016? Yeah, it's early--probably too early--to think about. But there are a few players worth noting, such as 5-star sophomore Malik Henry, who is the No. 1-ranked DTQB of the next, next class, per 247Sports.

Doug Nussmeier, the new offensive coordinator, is on the case and extended an offer, so getting the 6'3," 190-pounder is a distinct possibility. Nuss has a longstanding track record of developing quarterbacks, and that could be enough to attract Henry, who, according to 247Sports, has "cool" interest in the Wolverines.

Per his profile, UCLA and USC seem to be the favorites. The Crystal Ball says it's 50/50 for the SoCal duo. But, as we all know, things can change in an instant. Henry has two years before he really has to buckle down and make plans for a post-Thousand Oaks (Westlake, Calif.) life.

He isn't a pro-styler, but Nuss and Michigan saw enough to express serious interest and lay out a deal.

The Commit

Depending on your vantage point, the name "Erik Swenson" says "future productive tackle" or "kicker." With a Scandinavian-esque surname, his position on the field is open to interpretation (see former MSU kicker Brett Swenson).

Moving on...

The 6'7," 285-pounder out of Downers Grove South (Ill.) is a monster in the making. He's huge, big, mountainous and large. He's perfect for the O-line and could inherit duties at left tackle one of these days. The 4-star recruit was offered by Ohio State and Notre Dame, but ultimately chose to latch onto Michigan and take care of business rather early (there's that word again).

Mail call! (Message)

Who Else?

Glad you asked...

There are two PSQBs on the radar: Dwayne Haskins and KJ Costello.

Unranked by 247Sports, Haskins comes in at 6'2" and 185 pounds. The Bullis School (Potomac, Md.) sophomore is "warmer" for Ohio State, so say the recruiting gurus, but was offered May 19 by the Wolverines. He's a wait-and-see kind of guy.

Costello is a 4-star pro-styler out of Rancho Santa Margarita Catholic (Calif.) who could end up staying out West (Josh Rosen anyone?). Right now, he has an offer from Cal, but Stanford, UCLA and USC are among his suitors.

The 2016 class should be a quarterback-driven haul. Alex Malzone anchors the 2015 class, while Wilton Speight enters his freshman year and Shane Morris becomes a sophomore. They're enough for now, but finding quality signal-callers is a year-round job. It never stops.

OK, Two More

As mentioned, we don't want to get too far ahead of the game. But skimming over a couple of more names won't hurt. So far, we've seen a few good quarterbacks and we've taken a quick look at the class' lone commit, an O-liner. Now it's time to hit a two positions:

Kareem Walker

He's the No. 2-ranked RB of 2016.

Need more be said?

The 6'1," 210-pound DePaul Catholic (N.J.) punisher is a strong runner with deceptively quick hips--those moves make guys miss. They also don't lie. Ask Shakira. With that being said, he's going to be a tough one to crack come college time. Those poor linebackers--what will they do?

Seriously, Walker can do it in a few ways. For starters, he's a home-run threat, despite being of slightly larger build. Coincidentally enough, he's also perfect size for Michigan and the Big Ten--and has enough speed to satisfy Nussmeier's requirements. Walker pretty much runs the ball at opponents as if he's playing a game of "Chicken." First one to move, loses.

Walker wins that game a lot.

According to 247Sports, he has "cool" interest in Michigan and favors Penn State and Alabama. Go figure. The need for Walker will largely depend on what happens with the 2015 targets--Mike Weber, Jacques Patrick and Damien Harris--and on what De'Veon Smith and Derrick Green, both sophomores, do this fall.

Daelin Hayes

The Orchard Lake St. Mary's 4-star talent--who is a cousin to Justice Hayes--is the No. 9-ranked OLB of 2016 and has "warm" interest in Michigan and Michigan State. Prepare for another tussle with Mark Dantonio...and Urban Meyer, it appears.

Dear readers: Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments section. Which prospect do you like? Which one is a diamond in the rough? I know it's early, but we can generate a little something with this post. And really, February will be here before you know it. Might as well learn a few names.

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