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Maize n Brew's NFL Draft Open Thread

With the first pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans select...


Welcome to the Maize n Brew NFL Draft Open Thread, everyone! The action starts tonight at 8:00 ET on ESPN.

It's about damn time this thing gets here. As much as I love football, I'm happy that the draft is here--not because it signifies the fact that football is coming soon and I can see how my favorite team will blow their pick, but because I'm tired of the plethora of mock drafts, Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, and every other outlet that has a Big Board that gets updated every fifteen minutes; this player or that player is the best and deserves to go #1, while this guy should just give up and start looking for a van that looks awesome next to the river. Who is trading up and who is trading down? Three months of this garbage is finally at an end!

But wait! There's coverage of the coverage over at Sports Illustrated!

Let's move on.

There are a couple former Michigan players to keep an eye on and Big House Jack did a good job of covering the possibilities for Taylor Lewan and Jeremy Gallon. Plus, we also have Josh going over Brady Hoke's support of Lewan, who is awaiting a court date later this month.

So, who is picking where? Well...

1 Houston Texans
2 St. Louis Rams (from Washington)
3 Jacksonville Jaguars
4 Cleveland Browns
5 Oakland Raiders
6 Atlanta Falcons
7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
8 Minnesota Vikings
9 Buffalo Bills
10 Detroit Lions
11 Tennessee Titans
12 New York Giants
13 St. Louis Rams
14 Chicago Bears
15 Pittsburgh Steelers
16 Dallas Cowboys
17 Baltimore Ravens
18 New York Jets
19 Miami Dolphins
20 Arizona Cardinals
21 Green Bay Packers
22 Philadelphia Eagles
23 Kansas City Chiefs
24 Cincinnati Bengals
25 San Diego Chargers
26 Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis)
27 New Orleans Saints
28 Carolina Panthers
29 New England Patriots
30 San Francisco 49ers
31 Denver Broncos
32 Seattle Seahawks

My railing against all the draft coverage aside, come on out and tell us who your favorite team is and who you think/hope they'll take. Sit back and enjoy the draft; don't get too upset with who your favorite team selects...unless it's Johnny Manziel, of course. As always, make this thread yours, but mind the guidelines.