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NFL Draft: Michael Schofield drafted No. 95 overall to Denver

Predicted as a fourth to fifth round selection, the Denver Broncos turned some heads and made former Michigan offensive lineman Michael Schofield their third round selection on Friday.

Ronald Martinez

After Taylor Lewan was drafted in the first round by the Tennessee Titans, it was expected to be a quiet day or so until another Michigan player would be drafted again.

That does not appear to be the case.

Former Michigan offensive lineman Michael Schofield heard his name called in the second day of the draft and was selected no. 95 overall to the Denver Broncos.

Originally predicted as a 4th-5th round selection by, Schofield was slightly overshadowed with Lewan receiving most of the spotlight on a Michigan offensive line that had a poor year production-wise.

Schofield appeared in 52 games for Michigan during his career and making 36 starts. Schofield also has some versatility on the line, as he started in 26 games at right tackle and 10 at left guard.

After an impressive senior bowl practice, NFL Network's Mike Mayock had some positive words on Schofield after the practices, even earning player of the day honors.

"Not a highly acclaimed kid; a late add [to the roster]," Mayock said. "I thought he stoned everybody in the [1-on-1] drill. Now, he's a right tackle only, in my opinion. They tried him at guard. Right tackle only is not a good thing to be in the NFL unless you're a starter. I think he has the potential to be a starting right tackle."

Joshua Henschke cover University of Michigan football for Maize n Brew. You can follow him on Twitter @JoshuaHenschke.