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Michigan Football: Wolverines' 2014 5-Star Jabrill Peppers Tones Down Own Hype with Recent Blog Post

Well, don't give him the Heisman just yet...Breezy says he's working on becoming a great. However, most Wolverines fans already feel that he's superhuman.

Jabrill Peppers is ready to work at Michigan.
Jabrill Peppers is ready to work at Michigan.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As one of the most elite of the elite, Jabrill Peppers made Michigan fans very happy campers when he decided to Go Blue over everyone else.

The 5-star ATH/CB/OC/DC/CEO is considered as Brady Hoke's finest get, and Team 135's secondary will punish opponents once Peppers, who also goes by "Breezy," takes the field.

However, the former Paramus Catholic star pumped his own breaks with a recent blog post--and that's a great thing considering that his hype was off the charts. And of course, there's that whole Charles Woodson thing too.

But no worries. Peppers knows his role and understands what he must do to reach his potential.

Case in point, his latest on The Jabrill Peppers blog:

I'm not trying to go in there to be the next Charles Woodson. It's a nice comparison, but, at the end of the day, that's Charles. That's one of the best college football players ever. I haven't done anything yet.

I just want to be the best Jabrill I can be. I'm focused on that. I'm not nervous. I'm not overthinking it, I'm just ready. I've worked my whole life for this; how can you be nervous for something you worked your whole life for?

The 6'0," 205-pounder is expected to start out at as a nickelback and work his way to corner and/or safety--although we're not sure if he plans on manning those spots simultaneously.

Thanks to M'nB reader Brad Conley for bringing this to my attention.

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