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YFD's watching the World Cup

Iowa City or Rio? Hmmm

Christof Koepsel

I do respect Kirk Ferentz and what he's done with the Hawkeyes, I really do. But the World Cup is on.

Seriously, watch this. Do you really want to think about Iowa City right now? If you do, check out the wonderful Slingshot from Backpocket Brewing, in nearby Coralville - a friend was nice enough to bring it to a party once and it is pretty solid. I'd have to try more of their stuff before I put them on the Official Maize n Brew College Beer List that doesn't actually exist.

Roundball is fun for a couple weeks every four years. The American's haven't lost yet, so we can all be happy.

In honor of today's match, I'm actually going to be writing about Dutch beer. The finest beer in all the land. Heineken.


but actually let's talk about Duvel for a second. It's expensive and foreign but it's super fun to pour. Basically, the Belgians are kind of assholes sometimes and they hand foreigners Duvels and glasses and invite them to pour - but Duvels REALLY carbonated for a beer and it almost always foams up and you feel like a bitch not only because you foamed a beer but because a Belgian man made you feel like a bitch. This experience is roughly akin to what the Dutch just did to Spain. I see you, RVP and Robben. Wow.

Isn't this the douchiest video ever?

I was gonna put another GIF of Kanye nodding but pour your Duvel slow and you'll have a highly alcoholic blonde ale. It was a crossword clue the other day and I respect the hell out of that. I don't really think any American clones come close (I'm looking at you, Golden Monkey... yuck) but there's a ton of good Dutch beer out there just begging for you to drink it. Do it. MnB officially endorses all forms of Leffe for your drinking endeavors, and they have cute foil at the top of the bottles.

Until next week, Cheers, Michigan Faithful!