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Michigan Football: John U. Bacon Shreds Wolverines' Current Mode of Operation

The beloved Michigan historian and author doesn't hold back in latest column. Ouch.

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Michigan fans, you need to read John U. Bacon's latest column.
Michigan fans, you need to read John U. Bacon's latest column.
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If you're not familiar with John U. Bacon, get familiar. He's a great writer who knows Michigan football through and through—much more than most people pretend to know.

With that being said, John U. isn't always the most popular guy—well, at least not in the eyes of the Wolverines' PR and athletic departments. Opinionated as always, John U. says that Michigan has "sold its soul," but that it can "get it back."

The pen—or keyboard, in this case—is truly mightier than the sword, so let's get to the cutting (via

Removeth the wool from thine eyes, says John U:

First, when broadcaster Bob Ufer said, “Michigan football is a religion, and Saturday is the holy day of obligation,” he knew what he was talking about.

Always remember the people in the stands are not customers. They’re believers. Treat them accordingly.

Stop trying to sucker them. Give them real opponents, at a reasonable price, then remove the worst aspect of a modern football Saturday: boredom. 

What’s boring?

Waiting in line for 30 minutes to get in your seat.  Or worse, being forced to arrive hours before kick off, with nothing to do but sit in the heat, the cold or the rain, while your classmates are still tailgating.  Then there’s the 20-minute wait for a $6 hot dog.

John U. then goes onto say that fans who watch  the games from home have an advantage. They do, too. Much more comfortable—and, for the price, easier to swallow. Basically, he wants to see a few changes, which is probably the case with you.

I don't want to spoil the fun, so I encourage you to click the link above and read John U.'s ode to Dave Brandon at your own pace. Read it several times. It gets better with each pass.

Because you need to be cuddled after that pummeling...check out some positive Michigan audio clips from Greg Mattison and Fred Jackson from Friday, June 13. I caught up with the coaches to talk 2014, and they were very optimistic and proud of their players' work ethics.

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