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74 Days to Michigan Football

Michigan's 2014 season is almost here.

Leon Halip

Freshman Mike McCray, LB

Number: 9

Hometown: Trotwood, Ohio (Trotwood-Madison High School)

Height/Weight: 6'4 / 242 lbs.

Three Things to Know About Mike

1. McCray's father played at Ohio State. Michael McCray, Sr. was an OSU linebacker from 1985-1988. During that span, Michigan won three out of four against Ohio State. Thanksgivings around the McCray house must be awkwaaard.

2. Trotwood, Ohio is rich with Michigan talent. Most recently, Roy Roundtree came from Trotwood, Ohio to play at Michigan. Beyond that town, Wolverine greats from Charles Woodson to John Kolesar have ventured north for greener pastures, and wins against the Bucks.

3. He jumps out at you when you least expect:

Look for McCray to make an impact this fa--oh who am I kidding DID YOU SEE THAT SOCCER GAME LAST NIGHT WOOO USA.