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Video: Brady Hoke discusses his plans for Jabrill Peppers

The hype is reaching feverish levels with a few days left until incoming freshman phenom Jabrill Peppers hits campus. Campus Insiders' Bonnie Bernstein sat down with Michigan coach Brady Hoke to discuss his expectations for Peppers.

Gregory Shamus

With the arrival of Jabrill Peppers imminent, it is safe to say the hype surrounding Peppers is reaching feverish levels.

Campus Insiders' Bonnie Bernstein sits down with Michigan coach Brady Hoke to discuss his plan for Peppers during his freshman year.

From CI:

How much will freshman DB Jabrill Peppers be involved on offensive this fall? Michigan head coach Brady Hoke gives Bonnie Bernstein the inside scoop and reveals the Wolverines' plan to get the future superstar as many touches as possible in 2014.

The most interesting sequence of the interview was when Hoke was questioned about the possibility of Peppers seeing some offensive snaps this season. The childlike grin and Hoke suggesting that offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier wants him at tailback -- whether it was a joke or not -- gives off the vibe that something special is planned for Peppers in year one.

Whatever that something special is, Michigan still has just over two months left to figure that out.

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