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Mitch McGary Selected 21st By The Oklahoma City Thunder

Mitch goes in the first round, and ahead of schedule.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Going into draft night, Mitch McGary's landing spot looked more secure than his other Michigan teammates, but just like Stauskas, Mitch went a little higher than expected.

Originally it was reported that McGary was given a promise at 24 from Charlotte, but the Thunder pushed ahead and selected him before that pick was set to happen.

Oklahoma City certainly could use a better front court presence, and a healthy McGary could be a big asset on the boards.

This pick is still a ways behind where many figured McGary would have gone last year after his impressive performance in the NCAA tournament, but to go 21st after playing eight games and having back surgery shows the talent that scouts see in Mitch.

If you want more on Mitch, here is my profile of him.  Also, check out Welcome To Loud City for more on the Thunder, Mitch's new home.

Congrats, Mitch.  Wish things would have worked out better for you at Michigan.