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64 Days Until Michigan Football

Waiting on football to arrive again.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Sophomore Shane Morris, Quarterback

Number: 7

Hometown: De La Salle HS; Warren MI

Height/Weight: 6'3, 202 lbs

Three Things To Know About Shane

1. Some people think he should start next year (granted, I think all of these people are wildly wrong).

But yeah, some people think he is going to start because Brady Hoke mentioned a quarterback competition in spring practice.  I tend to agree with Nick Baumgardner:

So what about this competition? Is it real? Is it overblown?

This entire thing seemed to begin as a motivational tool for both Gardner and Morris. For Gardner, it was a chance for someone to give him a real kick in the butt and push him day in and day out in practice. For Morris, it was motivation for something to shoot for. Michigan couldn't simply come back this season and tell Morris 'don't bother preparing like you'll start, you'll be holding a clipboard all year.'

Where is it at now? I'd suggest it's probably about the same. Hoke isn't going to "close" this competition because he doesn't want Gardner getting comfortable, and he doesn't want Morris to lose that carrot he's trying to get him to chase.

There is no controversy here. It's competition. It's healthy, and there's nothing wrong with it.

Yes, it is a competition.  No, it isn't an even competition that Morris can reasonably be expected to win against an established senior starter coming off a pretty good season statistically.

2. He can throw a football over the moon.

Then he can catch it.

3. Even Michigan quarterbacks are awkward looking in middle school.