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MnB B1G Preview: Know Your Foe - Maryland Edition

The Big Ten's brand found its way to College Park, Maryland (wait...what?) when the Terrapins agreed to join the conference. Michigan gets to play them this year,

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

WE NEED TO HAVE A TALK ABOUT YOUR FASHION, MARYLAND. Pride in one's state flag is acceptable in moderation, but making several uniform combinations with the flag design blown up to 200% resolution is too far. I mean, have you looked in the mirror, Maryland? Only the members of the Queen of Hearts's Court would dare dress that way. What will they think up for their inaugural home game against Michigan? I shudder to think about that.

FOOTBALL AND CRAB CAKES, THAT'S WHAT MARYLAND DOES. This doesn't really relate to the school, but we can all agree: crab cakes and football are two amazing things.

  1. Combine Worcestershire, Old Bay seasoning, some parsley, Dijon mustard, an egg, bread crumbs, salt and lemon juice in a bowl.
  2. Mix with some fresh crab meat into small cakes. brush with olive oil, and cook in a skillet with butter.
  3. Regret questioning why Maryland was invited into the Big Ten.

    MARYLAND'S FAMOUS ALUMNI LIST IS AS ABSURD AS THEIR UNIFORMS. It reads like the invite list to an A-list reception, but nope, just the names of some great minds who went to school at Maryland. Where would some of our favorite sports references and memes have come from had David Simon never created The Wire!?!

    PERHAPS PEOPLE KEPT STEALING YOUR TURTLE BECAUSE IT'S A BIT SILLY. In the 1930s, one of Maryland's football coaches --  and future presidents -- was trying to come up with a leader at the behest of student demand for a university symbol. He recalled seeing diamondback snapping turtles as a child, and Testudo was the end product. Prior to that, the university used a bronze statue of a turtle, but it kept getting stolen by various student groups and school rivals.

    HEY MARYLAND WAS ONCE BETTER THAN DUKE AT BASKETBALL. The Terps' 2001 and 2002 basketball squads struck gold and made back-to-back final fours, and won the whole thing the second of those times. The 2002 tournament saw top-seeded Cincinnati go down in the second round and Indiana took out Duke in the Sweet 16. Maryland, meanwhile, bested both Connecticut and Kansas, and throttled the Hoosiers by double digits in the title game.

    RANDY EDSALL IS ON THE TWITTER HOT SEAT AT LEAST. The head coach's page is a tapestry of inspirational quotes, Maryland musings, rah-rah banter, and gems such as this:

    To think, he was on the coaching hot seat at Connecticut once upon a time.
    Welcome to the Big Ten, Maryland. Now, about those football helmets...