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Your Friday Drinking Instructions Do A Public Service: BrewShots!

We're transitioning Maize n Brew into a more informational site.

Patrick Smith

It's Maryland week at MnB, but bigger things are brewing: it's time for the first six-pack of Maize n Brew BrewShots. Inspired by and shamelessly stolen from the good folks at tl;dr Wikipedia, we realized there's a lot of misinformation out there about our fine conference and the folks that inhabit it, so this is our staff's attempt to clear the air.







Every week, we'll be sharing a few - and hopefully yours as well. Got some snark you'd like to share? You can always email suggestions to mnbbrewshots at

Of course, it wouldn't be Friday without a beer recommendation: Get some Flying Dog. Their summer seasonal (Dead Rise) is incredibly hard to find, but it actually has Old Bay in it. Try it. Cheers, Michigan Faithful!